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PLL Halloween: The DiLaurentis Relationship

With the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special just a week away, more and more questions seem to come up. We know Jason DiLaurentis will be a part of the much anticipated episode. But how will his relationship with sister Alison be like?

In almost all of the flashbacks involving Ali and her brother Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker), they are about this close to killing each other with their bare hands. You know what would be an even bigger surprise than finding out who “A” is? If we were to discover that Jason and Ali were once as close as, say, Donny and Marie Osmond!

And what about Spencer’s dad and the secret he has going on with Jason and the DiLaurentis family?

The most mysterious parents on the show right now are Spencer’s, so we’re hoping to hear more about her dad’s situation with Jason and the Dilaurentis family’s will.

These are all assumptions Wet Paint is making. Check out the rest of the questions HERE!

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“Tower Prep” Goes Global!

Thanks to for the heads-up! Even though Tower Prep premiered a year ago in the USA, Australia just had a taste of what’s to come with this incredible Cartoon Network live-action series. That’s right, in case you didn’t know Tower Prep premiered on Fox8 last Sunday! So if you live over there be sure to check it out Sundays at 6:30PM on Fox8. You can also visit the Australian Official Site now!

I added some new Promotional Pictures of Tower Prep to the Gallery:

And another Outtake from Drew’s Session 16:

Tower Prep will also premiere in Brazil on HBO Family in November! Help save the series by clicking here!

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Is Drew Going To Join Twitter?

Last Saturday night two very lucky fans, Sarah and Caitlin, ran into Drew at a club. They were kind enough to share their pictures with the fansite and some very interesting news!

Are you guys excited?! Now, I don’t know when soon means, but if he does create an account, I’ll be sure to let you guys know! Follow the Fansite’s Twitter to be the first to hear the news.

If you have any pictures with Drew and want to share them, send them here.