About The Admin

Name: Anne.

Age: 25.

Twitter: @anned91

I became a fan of Drew’s when I first watched his 2010 Cartoon Network TV Series, Tower Prep. I thought it was great and Drew made me love his character, Ian, immediately! For those who first heard about Drew when he started working on Pretty Little Liars, I highly suggest you watch it too. Back then, I wasn’t very Internet active because I was focusing on my Senior Year in high school, but once I graduated I started to feel the need to create a fansite. At that time I had already watched all his previous projects, and I love every single one of them… Even the small appearances!

I’ve been a Pretty Little Liars fan since the beginning, and when Drew joined the cast I became an even bigger supporter. I looked forward to new episodes and to seeing Jason and Aria’s friendship grow week after week. Unfortunately we all know they didn’t last long, but they were a big part of my summer that year! :) I loved getting to know more fans of the show and Drew, and it became really exciting to start building all these friendships.

When Drew joined Twitter, it was the most amazing moment! I still remember freaking out at a restaurant (I wish someone had caught that on camera). And ’till this day I can’t believe he noticed and followed me. The rest is history, and I’ve been having the time of my life updating the site and seeing Drew’s career grow every year. He’s a wonderful person and always so sweet with all his fans.

On August 15, 2014 I had the honor of finally meeting Drew at Broadway Breakthru in Philadelphia. He was everything I was expecting him to be and more. So kind and friendly!

Even since I can remember, I’ve been interested in filmmaking and all that goes Behind The Scenes at creating a TV Show. I’m recently graduated from college with a Communications degree. I currently work on freelance as a Community Manager for various accounts. Drew inspired me to go after what I want and to always try harder at what I’m doing. I’m a very persistent and determined person; when something really interests me, I don’t give up until I achieve it.

I also own fansite dedicated to Irish singer, radio and TV presenter, former goalkeeper, Nicky Byrne, best known for being a member of Westlife: Nicky-Byrne.org