Devious Maids | REMI DELATOUR

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Devious Maids is a show about Beverly Hills maids who have to juggle their own ambitions and dreams with the demands of their rich employers. Season three picks up at the height of last year’s shocking cliffhanger where a deranged gunman takes aim at the maids during Rosie and Spence’s wedding, leaving everyone to wonder who will survive. In the wake of this tragedy, the women lean on each other like never before, even as they face complex problems in their own lives. Zoila ponders her next steps after discovering that she is pregnant and uncertain who the father may be. Carmen realizes there is more than meets the eye to the charming Sebastien (Gilles Marini). Meanwhile, Valentina and Remi struggle to connect in the aftermath of the shooting; Marisol’s aspirations lead her to a surprising career change; and Blanca (Naya Rivera), a new maid in the neighborhood, lands a job with a seemingly picture-perfect family, but soon discovers a terrible secret that could change her life forever. To read more, click here.


Remi Delatour is one of the main characters on Devious Maids. Genevieve’s teenaged son, and Valentina’s obsession, he moves home when his mother tries to overdose… again. Remi is smart, handsome, rich, but can struggle when it comes to drugs. However, this doesn’t stand in the way of him and Valentina being together, nothing does, not even Valentina’s mother. To read more, click here.


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  • Interesting Fact: Remi’s original last name was going to be Delacourt.