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The film Camouflage explores the mind of a mentally unstable twenty-year-old suffering from the consequences of bullying and sexual repression; it opens people’s eyes to widen the scope of current issues.

Starring: Game of Thrones’ Amrita Acharia, Walking Dead’s Lew Temple, Star Trek’s Jimmy Bennett, and Pretty Little Liars’ Drew Van Acker.


Drew plays Tim; one of the characters who provokes Austin to commit murder.


Camouflage (2014) #THECAMOUFLAGEPROJECT #CAMOUFLAGEMOVIE from Project Studios 505 on Vimeo.

Cinema fans are able to watch the film, the first feature from writer, director and star, Kyle T. Cowan via Project Studios 505 on Vimeo. Camouflage is available for free, with the filmmakers asking that viewers instead donate the price of a movie ticket to a mental health, gay and lesbian, bullying or gun control organization of their choice.

Watch Camouflage and make a donation to the organization of your choice. Then, commit a random act of kindness and make a quick video explaining what you did and why, and finally, nominate three friends to watch, donate and make a video of their own. More information is available in the video clip above.


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